Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and advance the SDGs through industrial hemp.


To plant 1,000,000 global acres of hemp, creating circular economies of sustainable
products all around the world.


Now, we know a lot of organizations talk a big game about how they’re creating change, but we want you to hold us accountable for what we’re claiming. We believe in transparency and trust, so we’ve integrated blockchain technology into our app that allows you to track the impact you've created, and your rewards as they’re earned. You’ll see just how much your contributions are helping absorb and store carbon, and how you’re helping transition the consumer market to one that prioritizes low-carbon products.



Fighting climate change isn’t only about planting more trees or making greener choices, it should be fun and interactive too! We’re creating a digital community of members who will game for good. We’re attracting the attention of millennials and gen-zers who want to see their gaming efforts go towards creating a better world. In our ecosystem, members can play e-games to reach milestones and collect Impact Points that can be used to contribute to actions and activities that are creating a social impact and forwarding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Not all products are made the same. Through our Eco-Store, you can feel assured that you’re using your purchasing power towards products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. We’ve partnered with dozens of eco-friendly brands to give you a great selection and access to the products you want and need. We’re stimulating the green economy by making it easier for you to make eco-friendly choices.



As you spend eco-points in our app, you’ll collect Impact Points that translate into cash donations to charities and organizations that are helping advance the SDGs. Just like you earn free groceries or travel perks, with the 10,000 Acres Club, when you spend green, you also help organizations around the world do work like fighting against Polio, providing quality education, giving communities clean drinking water and much more; choose the SDG that speaks to you!